We're Hiring!

If you're energetic, generally happy and love reading, then come and join us! We are looking for suitable candidates to fill the following vacancies:

Roadshow Warriors

You have a passion for learning, care about children and enjoyed your time in school. You have a belief that getting books into the right hands can change the world.

Be part of an awesome team with great culture and passion. Join our sales team, part-time or full-time, to promote our website throughout Malaysia. We offer a decent salary, generous team-based commissions, and fantastic sales training.

Marketing Wizard

You love to play and create. You spend hours on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and blogs. You're always the first to spot a viral video among your friends. You understand the power of sharing, liking and +1's. You are filled with ideas and love creating amazing content. And best of all, you don't consider any of the above as "real work".

As the Marketing Manager, you will be in charge of digital strategy, networking, blogging, online sales and community management. You will work closely with our management team and will be involved in day-to-day operations and decision making.

Code Guru

You grew up around technology and are passionate about design, development and user experience. You dream in code but can't sleep if there's a bug. You see the big picture and know how to get there. You love coding (PHP, Javascript, HTML5, MySQL), technology, analytics, SEO, and contributing to open source projects.

Tuition Centre Distributors

We offer large discounts for bulk orders. If you operate or teach in a tuition centre, please sign up for our Tuition Centre Distribution Program.