About Us

Peekabook is an online distributor of Preschool and SJK(C) workbooks (华小作业簿). We specialize in books for Chinese primary schools, covering the KSSR and KBSR syllabus. We carry over 2,000 workbooks from over 30 of the top publishers in the field, making us the largest bookstore of our kind.

We also carry a specially selected range of story books for children between 0 to 12 years old. Our books are chosen based on recommendations by experts in the industry, and are selected specifically to help children firstly to enjoy reading and secondly to advance to the next stage of reading.

Peekabook.com.my was launched in December 2013. We have since been selling books via our hand-picked sets of books in our online store and at book fairs throughout Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Subscribe to our free newsletter to find out more about our latest promotions and roadshows.

Please note that this is a warehouse and we are not able to serve walk-in customers directly.